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Technical Data

E-Leather has been tested extensively to determine the ultimate
performance of the material. This confirms a factor of safety as
high as 5 times above the specifications for some products.

Designed and developed to overcome the weaknesses of
traditional leather and textiles, E-Leather is engineered to
provide a range of materials that meet specific performance criteria.


TestsTest MethodTypical Values
Thickness BS EN ISO 2589:2002 =1.05mm
Width Measure on final inspection 1400mm ± 20mm
GSM EL-LSTP-0002 ≤530g/m2 for light grain
≤550g/m2 for medium grain
≤570g/m2 for heavy grain
Final GSM are colour dependent
Softness IUP 36 ≥3.2mm
Colour measurement EL-LSTP-0004  
TestsTest MethodTypical Values
Bally flex BS EN ISO 5402:2002 Dry 50,000 cycles No cracking
Peel strength EL-LSTP-0003 Dry ≥12N/cm
Breaking elongation BS EN ISO 3376:2002 ≥ 20%
Tensile strength BS EN ISO 3376:2002 * ≥10N/mm
Single edge tear BS EN ISO 3377-1:2002 ≥ 25N
Abrasion Resistance
BS EN ISO 5470-1:1999 Part 1 CS10 Wheels, 1kg, 1000cycles no worse than slight damage of finish and min grade 3 colour change
TestsTest MethodTypical Values
12 seconds vertical flame test FAR 25.853(a),Change 14 and Appendix F,Part1 Pass
Flammability FAR part 25, Appendix F, Part II / CS- 25 Appendix F, Part II Pass
Chrome VI DIN 53314 E <3mg/kg
pH EN ISO 4045 >3.20
Formaldehyde DIN 53315 Part B ≤80ppm
Pentachlorophenol DIN 53313 (BLC ID-149) ND (<3mg/kg)
Azo Dyestuffs LMBG No B82.02-3 §35 ND (<30ppm)

* Procedure as per BS EN ISO 3376:2002, except it is not corrected for thickness as this is not applicable to E-leather

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