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Classic Upholstery material (SL3UL)

E-Leather CLASSIC is a lightweight, durable and easy to maintain
material that is engineered specifically for upholstering aviation seating.

Revenue per passenger, reducing operating costs and maximising the resultant margin are ever-present objectives in the aviation industry. Seat suppliers and seat cover manufacturers are looking to deliver solutions that provide reduced weight, increased seat density and greater passenger comfort whilst reducing maintenance costs. This is certainly a long list of challenges, but within this dynamic industry environment, E-Leather has demonstrated that it offers one of the strongest solutions to today's challenges.

Many operators have adopted E-Leather as a result of extended evaluation. As is appropriate in this industry, evaluation has included extensive flight trials and independent laboratory testing in comparison to the best competing materials, including traditional leather and fabric.

In side-by-side flight tests against traditional leather and synthetic faux leathers, E-Leather has out-performed in customer comfort, improved durability and cabin appearance.