The Eco-friendly material award nominee

E-Leather® offers an innovative alternative to traditional materials and is award nominated at the Ecosummit 2015 in London. The Ecosummit Award 2015 is part of ECO15 London which is Europe’s leading smart green innovation conference for startups who supply green resource efficient products.

E-Leather is a unique material produced using waste leather to create a sustainable, high performance material that delivers the look and feel of traditional leather plus significant economic, hygienic and durability benefits. 

We upgrade leather in an ingenious patented process, which interlinks leather fibres without the use of adhesives. The manufacturing process uses state of the art techniques which recycle 95% of the process water.  Furthermore our waste streams are converted into energy, which is fed back into the process. The E-Leather upcycling process appeals to customers who are prioritising sustainability whilst benefiting from upholstery that is up to 40% lighter than traditional leather. 

This clean technology material has been rapidly adopted in the aviation, transport and upholstery sectors, where many projects have been repaid within 12 to 18 months by providing fuel and maintenance savings. The controlled stretch, which retains shape in service, makes it the ideal solution for seating, furniture, cladding panels and leather products. Many options exist that enable the technical performance to be engineered to meet fire, wear, colour and texture requirements. 

We are really proud to have been nominated, demonstrating great recognition for our growing success with our ingenious, durable and cost effective upholstery.


Read more on the Ecosummit webpage.

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