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    A revolutionary process.

    Transforming leather offcuts into a stunning new performance material, our game-changing technology preserves the planet's scarce natural resources.

    Powered by 100% renewable electricity. Using high-powered water jets to hydroentangle leather fibres around a high-performance core. We even recycle 95% of the water we use.

    Leading brands that share our vision

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    This is the end of waste as we know it…

    Developing a new generation of materials for the next era of sustainability. Our patented technology platform is making material circularity possible at an epic scale. Launched today – same mission, new name. Find out more about the future generation of materials: See below for more coverage of this exciting announcement! Axios (11,710,015 UVM), Alan Neuhauser: […]

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    Blog: What makes for a successful concept car?

    Any car fanatic or automotive professional would find it hard to resist the excitement and novelty of a good concept car. Despite rarely making it to full production in the same format, the concept car will often inspire the features of the final vehicle from new tech to the ultimate interior, and it’s a great […]

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    Rage driven creativity takes centre stage in our new trend collection

    Provocative. Angry. Bold. Our latest collection – Anarcho Punk has landed. Inspired by the gritty days of the 80s rebellion, Anarcho Punk features a protest colour palette. Imagine oily night time urban landscape with sporadic flashes from streetlights. Cars whizzing past visible only by the flashes of tail lights. Graphic calls to action, graffitied onto […]

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    Case Study: EFM – Protecting tech gadgets and the planet

    EFM, an Australian manufacturer of high-end electronic device gear, continues to expand their range of sustainable, protective device products in partnership with ELeather.  The initial launch took place in September 2021 ready for the release of the new iPhone 13.  The Monaco Wallet Case Armour was the first product launched my EFM that directly communicated […]

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    Join hundreds of businesses around the world helping to protect our planet, without sacrificing on luxury or performance.