Did you know that 75% of all leather hides are wasted and often destined for landfill?

Along with them, the land, water and carbon used to make them. This can't go on.

That's why your amenity bag is made from ELeather, a recycled leather made by transforming waste into a luxury material.

What makes ELeather more responsible?

This special amenity kit you're holding has saved 10.4kg of CO2 and 96 litres of water. It is just one example how much impact sustainable materials can have.

ELeather, FORMIA and Aeromexico have worked in partnership to bring you the world's most sustainable amenity kit in flight.

Here are a few of the products you can find inside...

A ballpoint pen made from FSC-certified recycled plastics and a kraft paper cover notebook with recycled paper.

A dental kit with a wheat straw toothbrush.

Etro branded lip balm and body lotion presented in an FSC paper box.

An eye mask made from 100% recycled, GRS certified PET fabric.

Earplugs wrapped in kraft paper pouches.

ELeather's recycled leather bag with 100% recycled PET fabric lining.

The offering forms part of Aeromexico’s entry in the SkyTeam’s Sustainable Flight Challenge, where participating airlines explore the most sustainable way to operate a single flight in their existing networks. All innovations from the dedicated flights are shared openly, enabling airlines to come together to take responsibility, put solutions into practice and reshape the future of air travel for generations to come.

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