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    Anarcho Punk

    Trend Collection 2022/23

    Anarcho Punk Trend Collection

    Oily night time urbanscapes, with sporadic flashes from streetlights are the backdrop to this collection.

    Our current political and economic state finds uncanny parallels with the dark, gritty days of the 80s recession. Dissent gives rise to uncompromising evolution in fashion, design, graphics and music. Conditions are ripe for another explosion of rage driven creativity.

    A graphic call to action is signified in the universal protest colours of Ink, Rage and the combination of the two in Lava. Hardened harmonies are found with Bunker and Electrify while Calico and Celadon provide solid neutral foundations for the more intense hues.

    AP Rage Moire 148 19x19
    NR Calico 19x19
    AP Electrify Moire 148 19x19
    AP Bunker Ambrosia 190 19x19
    AP Lava Ambrosia 190 19x19
    NR Urchin 605x220
    NR Celadon 19x19

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