Our latest trend collection – Ancestral Darks is out now! This heritage collection full of Victorian era references reflected in antique hues is certainly a stark contrast to our last collection – Eco Brights – which was a subtle nod towards nature with its light and pastel palette and textures inspired by repurposing and recycling.

“There is too much uncertainty in the world at the moment, consumers and brands search for a safe haven, the comforting, cocooning feeling and this is exactly what this collection delivers” said Nicola Fox, our in-house Designer.

Consisting of seven shades inspired by Victorian domesticity with sooty hearths, gildings, candlelight and heavy velvets, Ancestral Darks is a sanctuary against the chaos of modern life. Collection materials also boast five different grains to give more dimension – from a technical, high fashion Saffiano grain through to coarse Tumble and smooth,multipurpose Sheepskin texture, Ancestral Darks highlights the versatility of ELeather’s recycled leather for fashion, footwear and transport brands.

To see Ancestral Darks in all its glory and request your sample pack, head over to our Design for Good website: https://design4good.co.uk/trend-collections/ancestral-darks/