Based in New York city since 2000, JetBlue started off as a low cost carrier that realised it could differentiate the airline by offering in-flight services and passenger experience more commonly associated with transatlantic fleets.

Part of that decision led to JetBlue embarking on a fleet-wide overhaul of its cabin interiors which includes the introduction of many customer-friendly amenities such as more legroom, larger video screens, Wi-Fi and most importantly – ELeather upholstery throughout.

The refurbishment aims to meet customer demand for an affordable premium product, which ELeather helps to achieve through its light weight, easy maintenance properties which led to substantial cost savings.

JetBlue CEO Dave Burger noted that JetBlue is not taking a traditional approach to the premium market:

“We decided to enter the premium transcontinental market in a way that only JetBlue can: with an intense focus on offering the best possible product for the best possible price.”

ELeather has been used across all seating classes, including the new lie-flat beds, creating an attractive cabin environment for the airline and its 40 million passengers that travel to over 100 destinations each year.

Jeremy Jasiolek, Business Development Director for ELeather commented:

“JetBlue had specific requirements when searching for upholstery material for this refurbishment program. The material needed to be exceptionally durable to deal with the demands of aviation transportation, whilst also being lightweight and low-maintenance. ELeather’s Flight Collection offered the ideal, cost-saving solution.”

JetBlue wanted to offer passengers the best possible product to enhance their overall in-flight experience. By selecting ELeather, the airline can ensure their customers get a high-quality, premium journey time after time, in any class of seat.