Izaro, based in Barcelona, Spain has been offering the private coach transport sector a reliable, high-quality travel service for more than 40 years. Their fleet of over 100 vehicles specialise in tourist trips, business travel and school transport. Offering a consistent level of service to their customers across all areas of the business is something owner, Diego Dena, prides his business on.

Diego Dena explains “I am committed to ensuring our coaches offer the best quality and comfort for each passenger time after time. Seating design, comfort and hygiene is so important as this is what our passengers experience when travelling with us.”

To maintain the high standard of a premium service that Izaro customers have come to expect, the company looked into alternative seating materials that could improve the quality look of their fleet. The existing materials were prone to premature wear, resulting in the interior appearing tired before it’s time. ELeather’s high performance fibre composites offer Izaro a premium quality seating product with the appearance and feel of traditional leather, while achieving the consistency and performance attributes of a man-made, engineered material.

Alberto Rossi, Key Account Manager at ELeather said “Izaro wants every customer to feel unique and will only select the best partners and materials to use on their coaches. When I introduced the performance benefits of ELeather in terms of quality, durability and maintenace, they had no doubt.”

“Since selecting ELeather for six of their coaches, Izaro have been very satisfied and request every seat supplier and body builder to use our leather fibre composite as standard on all their future vehicles.”

Diego Dena concluded “The superior product fitted very well with the Izaro brand and our passenger experience expectations. We are pleased with the relationship we have with ELeather and look forward to working together again in future”.

Izaro are the first Spanish coach operator to fit their entire fleet of vehicles with high performance ELeather.