The Molli-bahn is a narrow-gauge steam-powered railway in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany that is steeped in tradition and history, dating back over 100 years.

It operates on a 900mm gauge track between Bad Doberan, Heiligendamm and Kühlungsborn over a total distance of 15.4 km with a running time of 40 minutes.

The company takes great care and pride in preserving the unique character of their train carriages to ensure passengers experience the real nostalgia of the Molli. Each of the six Molli cars were faithfully and painstakingly restored to their original state allowing the community to enjoy the 100 year-old train as a public service, as well as customers being able to privately book the individual trains for weddings, functions and other events. To ensure passengers continue to receive the same quality of service,Molli-bahn refurbish their carriage interiors once the seating becomes visibly worn or tired.

Due to a recent change in rail legislation for fire regulations, the company faced the challenge of sourcing a material that was both compliant with EN45545-2:2013 but remained in keeping with their traditional style and colours.

ELeather were able to respond by offering a fully compliant product that could be colour matched to the exact red of the original leather upholstery.

Stefanie Zepik says “Being able to find a new, modern material that could meet the regualtions enforced by the rail industry while continuing to look, in appearance, like the original seating was a huge benefit to us. Our customers dont see any difference in the colour or quality of leather between the newly refurbished carriages and those with the traditional leather seating.”

ELeather offer a range of high performance leather fibre composites in a variety of colours and grains to match virtually any customer requirement.

A Joint Commitment to Sustainability

One of the attractions of working together with ELeather was the company’s philosophy for utilizing the worlds natural resources by recycling leather that would otherwise be sent to landfill to create high-quality, desirable leather materials.

Both Molli-bahn and ELeather are proud to promote a passion and commitment to being sustainable, transparent and responsible leaders in their industry.