One thing we can all learn from our pets is to appreciate the small things in life, like going for a stroll around our local parks. But unlike our pets, us humans are acutely aware of the wider world out there and the threats that human activity is continuously imposing on it.

We all share the responsibility of caring for our planet. But what do you get when you cross a team of climate change enthusiasts with a group pet lovers? You get the team at Project Blu.

Project Blu was founded with the aim to reduce global ocean-bound plastic waste and reduce the environmental impact of pet products (globally, the pet care market is estimated to be worth over $200 billion by 2025 and so its potential impact on the planet is ever increasing).

Having found a way to recycle plastic bottles into pet beds, their team turned to finding a sustainable way to produce other accessories like leashes and collars. And so, the collaboration with ELeather began.

Fast forward a few months, Project Blu now has an entire range of accessories made with ELeather, a material that not only contains up to 55% recycled leather content but its production process lowers carbon emissions and reduces the use of earth’s scarce resources such as water.

Within the ELeather range, Project Blu offers leashes, collars and even poop bag holders in various colours for all stylish and eco-conscious pet owners.

Sustainable Pet Accessories


And what sets Project Blu apart from other pet companies out there? They don’t use eco-products as a way of appealing to their customers’ emotional side only to increase profit margins. They are transparent in their sustainability goals and efforts. They also look across the board at the supply chain, design, manufacturing and look for areas to improve instead of simply splashing green paint and eco slogans all over their products.

In the words of Geryn Evans, the founder of Project Blu “we want to create a future which embraces sustainability, circularity and provides a better world for pets, people and the planet.”


Go ahead and have a look at their sustainability report here.

At ELeather we love working with companies who, like us, truly value our planet and look to minimise their own environmental impact. This is why, our team is dedicated to continuously improving our material solutions, aiming to offer a sustainable engineered leather suitable for all markets and applications. A material that is not only sustainable but also durable, stylish and easy to design with.

For more information about Project Blu visit and for more information about ELeather’s solution, visit our sustainability page.