ELeather, the original sustainable leather manufacturer, have partnered with Southwest Airlines®, to deliver a collaborative presentation at the next Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit focusing on the importance of innovation and collaboration in pursuit of sustainability.

ELeather will be represented by their Head of Sustainability – Annie Gibbons, while Thea Junt  Sr. Environmental Sustainability Consultant for Southwest Airlines® will represent the airline. Between them, Annie and Thea have extensive experience of helping their companies reduce their carbon impact and work towards achieving circularity.

Their presentation will explore the role of innovation and importance of collaboration, across the whole supply chain and product lifecycle, in order to achieve sustainable outcomes.

“Circular thinking is critical across the entire supply chain in order to achieve truly sustainable outcomes. No company or industry can achieve this in isolation. Aviation is an ecosystem where all parties – material, seat, and parts manufacturers as well as operators – need each other in order to achieve a collective goal of reducing our impact on the planet” said Annie Gibbons – ELeather’s Head of Sustainability.

Southwest has set a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and the carrier also released a 10-year plan to make progress this decade through the key focus areas of Reduce, Replace, Offset, and Partner.

The partnership between the two companies started over a decade ago when Southwest tested a number of new-to-market initiatives implemented on one of their aircraft back in 2009. One of those innovations was ELeather material, which has since been rolled out across the entire Southwest fleet.

The collaborative presentation will take place on Tuesday, 13th September at 11am EDT as part of Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit held in Atlanta Georgia.