We’re excited to share the news that Essence, our new material applicable to transport markets has now launched. Essence is available to order now and has been engineered to enable brands provide their customers with better experiences and more environmentally-friendly solutions.

It’s based on three key benefits: hygiene, softness and sustainability.


Essence brings superior performance to a new, improved material that offers built-in hygiene protection through ‘PURE Guard’ technology, a proprietary antimicrobial solution.  It is made responsibly using even more recycled leather than its predecessor and features a natural finish that delivers a soft feel.

Now more than ever, airlines, airports and other transport services are looking for ways to reassure passengers of a hygienic and clean travel experience. The introduction of Essence with PURE Guard technology provides our most hygienic product yet, as it actively reduces the growth and presence of all microbes, including bacteria, and more.

ELeather materials have also been tested to ensure compatibility with the most commonly used sanitisers, and are UVC certified by Dimer UVC Innovations in partnership with Honeywell.

In addition to the enhanced hygiene attributes, Essence offers much more in regards to high-performance. Compared to traditional leather and synthetic materials, Essence maintains its ‘like-new’ look for longer through a controlled stretch that eliminates bagging and sagging, often found on seats after prolonged periods of use.  Alongside the robust strength of the product comes a natural softness for an improved touch of hand.

Standing true to our sustainability ethos, we have used more recycled leather content in Essence. Recycling more and reducing waste has always been a driving force behind ELeather from the very beginning. As the world pays closer attention to our planet, people are increasingly looking for more responsible materials to use.  By choosing Essence, brands can positively contribute to using more of what’s already available through recycling, as well as lowering CO2 emissions and reducing the use of the earth’s scare resources.

To find out more about Essence contact us today.