Our new collection is here and we’re hoping for it to inspire designers to use more recycled materials such as sustainable leather in their projects.

The bright palette of Eco Brights reflects the shift in mood as Spring is finally on its way. Although, perhaps more importantly, through the use of corrugated textures and lightly washed-out colours, the collection highlights the need to repurpose and recycle whenever possible.

“Growing awareness of over-consumption and the need for sustainable thinking was the main inspiration behind this collection. The colours and textures reference the fragile nature around us and highlight the need to protect it. Design must be built to last and to allow for more repurposing and recycling” said Nicky Fox, our Designer.

Eco Brights consists of seven colours that compliment each other and can work together or individually.  The collection includes three different grains, including a smooth metallic. From neutral Dune to pink Sorbet and dark Cactus, this collection would suit many markets and applications – from public spaces to lifestyle and tech items.

Like all ELeather products, Eco Brights materials fall in line with our sustainability pledge and come with a much lighter environmental footprint compared to traditional leather. Each roll of material is made with up to 55% recycled leather that is diverted from landfill. On top of that, the production of ELeather materials results in up to 60% reduction of CO2 and uses up to 55% less water (compared to the production of traditional leather).

The collection is featured on our dedicated online design hub – Design for Good (www.design4good.co.uk) – where designers can access not only present and past collections but also browse through the company’s catalogue of textures and access rendering files to visualise the use of the materials in their own projects.

Click here to see Eco Brights and request the trend card and samples or contact us today to discuss using the collection in your next project.