This week we have launched our first ever fully metallic material collection available for a wide range of markets and applications, from transport to lifestyle.

Consisting of ten colours, the metallic collection embraces burnished blends that carry soft and warm tones throughout, creating a subtle, luxurious sheen. It is available via our Design for Good portal and aims to provide even more versatility for designers wishing to use sustainable alternatives to traditional leather, synthetic leathers or even fabrics.

metallic collection

“We’ve been working extremely hard in the last few years to demonstrate to the design community that our sustainable leather alternative unlocks a whole new world of creative possibilities for them. Through the use of our trend collections, grain collection and now the metallic collection the options for ELeather materials in terms of texture, colour, and finish are endless” said Nicola Fox, our very own Head of Design.

Our mission is to create what people want and what the planet deserves. True to our values the metallic collection is no different, with each roll of material containing up to 55% recycled leather fibres and saving over 60% of CO2 and over 55% natural resources such as water and land.

Our materials are made from recycled leather offcuts collected from tanneries that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Over the years we have developed a unique, patented manufacturing process that results in materials that are more durable yet equally as luxurious as traditional leather at a fraction of the environmental cost.

The metallic collection (plus all of our trend collections and grain collection) is available via our dedicated design hub – Design for Good. Head over there to browse through the catalogue of textures and access rendering files to visualise the use ELeather in your own projects.