We’re excited to share that PURE Guard technology, a proprietary antimicrobial solution that can be integrated into any ELeather product, delivering built-in hygiene is now available.

PURE Guard has been developed to effectively reduce the growth of microbes on the surface of ELeather materials and has been verified through rigorous testing to internationally recognised standards. This technology is incorporated into the product to ensure that it does not wear off or leach out, and that the antimicrobial performance is retained throughout the lifetime of the material.

In addition to PURE Guard technology, ELeather materials perform at their best when a regular cleaning program is maintained.  All materials have been tested to ensure compatibility with the most commonly used sanitisers, and are UVC certified by Dimer UVC Innovations in partnership with Honeywell.  All three components combined offer customers a safe and sound material solution that will build passenger confidence in their travel choices.

PURE Guard technology has also been integrated into our new material – Essence.

Click here to find out more about PURE Guard and Essence.

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