Are you excited about this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo? We know we are. Not least because it’s going to be a physical show and we’ll get to meet and catch up with customers, partners, and the rest of the aviation industry. But also, because we’ve been nominated for a Crystal Cabin award!  

Our latest innovation product for the aviation market, Essence has been recognised as one of the most innovative ideas for the aircraft cabin of tomorrow. And it’s had some tough competition with sustainability being the top trend in all submissions this year. It’s not a new concept for us though, as we’ve been creating our materials from recycled leather fibres for over a decade now. Still, it’s rewarding to see this kind of sustainable technology getting the recognition not only in aviation but also across other markets.  


What makes Essence one of the top runners for the award?  

Our technology makes luxury and comfort sustainable. It turns waste into resource in a world, where resources are limited. And for those worried about the spread of microbes and diseases, Essence offers built-in hygiene protection through a proprietary antimicrobial solution “PUREGuard”. So in Essence (pun intended 😊) it reduces waste, is less harmful to the planet, is a safer choice for passengers, AND delivers weight saving for the airlines. Read more about this revolutionary material here.  


Who else is nominated for Crystal Cabin?  

The panel of judges have a hard task on their hands this year with so many amazing submissions. Some of those ideas will radicalise the passenger experience in the future. Aside from sustainability, another big area of focus was the cabin flexibility. As airlines look for customisable cabin configurations with innovations from the likes on Teague, NORDAM, Collins Aerospace, and more.  

Digitisation was another big topic with entries focusing on anything from biometric scanning systems to onboard shopping and noise cancellation. Flying in the future really does sound incredible and we can’t wait for it.  


Out of 65 shortlisted ideas, members of the jury will select no more than three finalists per category to be announced in May. Finalists will then get the chance to present their pitches to the jury in-person during the Aircraft Interiors Expo in June. Winners will be announced at a gala dinner in Hamburg on 14th June.  For more information about the Crystal Cabin Awards click here


Best of luck to all shortlisted! We’re really excited for the awards but more importantly, to be part of an industry that is continuously striving to make customer experience the best possible while reducing its own impact on the planet.