Today, we release the latest in our 2022 trend collections – Future Soul.

The collection of seven colours and a mix of new textures is inspired by rhythmic cycles in nature, mirroring the  transition from the summer to the autumn months.

The collection focuses on the increasing appreciation society has of the rural and natural world and embraces colours symbolic with autumnal events such as the changing leaves and the effects of the first frost.

Based on the company’s sustainable leather product which contains up to 55% recycled content, this new range is created through a clean manufacturing process.  ELeather materials reduce carbon emissions and the use of natural resources such as water, compared to traditional leather manufacturing.  In comparison to synthetic leather alternatives, ELeather outperforms in durability and looks like new for much longer, making it an ideal solution for brands that want lasting quality without the environmental price tag.

ELeather’s trend collections are aimed at providing inspiration to designers and fashion brands – as well as sectors such as aviation, automotive and ground transport.  ELeather materials are ideal for adding a secondary finish such as embossing, stitching, perforation and printing, however, this collection stands out without any embellishment as the colour and grain combinations create truly stunning effects.

Nicky Fox, Head Designer at ELeather, said: 

“I find the split complementary colour palette of Future Soul has an inherent calmness.  It allows you to take a full breath, exhale and relax into these season-transitioning hues. While the range of hues is limited, it allows us to enjoy the interaction between saturated and hot, or parched and cold variations of the same colour, as seen with Vetiver and Celadon. Both are green, but very different, and yet can work really well together as seen in the sneakers that were produced in this collection.

Future Soul features two new grain textures; Crackle in Sandstone gives us a crazed, cracked surface reminiscent of exposed, sun-baked river beds.  Mirage in Vetiver is a fine ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ texture, that feels peachy with a warm, matt finish.  My favourite however is Frost, here we’ve slightly reduced the opacity of the coating to allow the substrate to show through, in grain 052 Taurus.  This two-tone effect totally changes the character of our classic 052 Taurus grain, adding a tonal variation that hints at patina and antiquing.”

Future Soul builds on the New Romantic collection, launched earlier this year, and is part of a series of inspirational ranges that pick up on emerging consumer preferences. To view Future Soul or New Romantic and learn more about our other collections, visit our dedicated design hub

ELeather is an increasingly popular choice among fashion brands as well as major names in aviation, automotive and transport. The durability, excellent appearance and environmental credentials of our material, make it the perfect choice for everything from seating to footwear, accessories and lifestyle products.