Over the last decade, ELeather has been used on aircrafts, trains, buses, taxis, furniture, handbags shoes, in hotels, airports and other spaces. And now Australian consumers are able to benefit from the sustainability, longevity and performance of our materials when buying new smartphone cases.sustainable leather iphone case

EFM – an Australian manufacturer of high-end device gear – released their range of iPhone 13 accessories a few weeks ago, including the Monaco Wallet integrated with D3O® technology and upholstered in classic black ELeather.


“At EFM, we want to be the no.1 device gear of choice based on our recognized quality and philanthropic outlook. Within our sustainability mission, partnering with ELeather is a step further to ensure we are offering only the very top-quality materials and finishes while also being kind to the environment.” – Cinzia Donna, Industrial Design Innovator, EFM.

sustainable leather iPhone case EFM® Monaco Wallet is surely the best in class for its category.

Not only is made with D3O® with 5G Signal Plus Technology, which is the only material meeting the 5G industry benchmark and providing a trusted military grade impact protection that is also used across industrial factories, motorsport, and military; EFM® Monaco Wallet has been developed in collaboration with ELeather!

It is finished in our sustainable leather that not only gives it a classy look but also further protects the precious cargo.