In light of the current global pressure on supply chain and changing requirements, maintaining leadtimes becomes an even more critical aspect to control. Customers rely on the confidence of being able to receive goods according to proven time scales. As the aviation industry starts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic we are seeing projects re-start and a need for short run projects for lease customers or to refurbish existing aircraft which are returning to service or changing operator.

Often leadtimes for these projects are short, coming in at around 8 weeks for seat delivery. Meaning the confidence of a swift delivery of seat cover material is a key factor in the success of these projects. ELeather operates with a 4-week leadtime for a wide range of stock colours and 8 weeks for bespoke colours, giving seat makers and MRO’s a wide choice of materials with a leadtime that supports their needs.

ELeather operates with a 4-week leadtime for a wide range of stock colours and 8 weeks for bespoke colours.

The importance of manufacturing control

Crucial to being able to deliver and maintain these short time frames is full control over the manufacturing process for the seat cover material supplier. ELeather has 2 production facilities, both located in the UK and controls all aspects of manufacturing from the receipt of the basic raw material of unused leather through to the full production process, inspection and testing through to shipment of the finished product.

With no reliance on outside suppliers for the finished goods, this allows ELeather to focus its supply chain on lower-level components which are easier to manage and control than finished materials. As a result, ELeather is able to maintain its industry leading leadtimes and, if needed, change the product mix to react to market demands at any given time. We can also effectively support short run programmes to support our customer’s requirements.

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