ELeather markets

Each ELeather collection has a range of products that have been engineered to suit the exact application or purpose for that market, including requirements for localized certification and industry regulations. Due to the composite nature of our material, we can offer brands the versatility to configure the right product for their application, enabling powerful performance attributes and functional integration.

Whether in first-class or economy, our Aviation products offer airlines a complete solution.

Aircraft interiors are enhanced with luxurious finishing for trim, together with premium seating upholstery that promises a more comfortable passenger experience while delivering a number of commercial advantages to airline brands.

The individual character of a car is expressed through its interior and no other material offers quality, longevity and customisation in a more responsible way.

Mobility is changing as OEMs chase climate-neutral business models and designers look to create interiors that resonate and evoke feelings of comfort and familiarity.

As public transport goes multi-modal, ELeather helps ensure passengers experience consistent quality, whatever the vehicle or destination.

Operators benefit from a technically superior product that’s high performance, low maintenance, and sustainable smart.

For leather goods manufacturers we have created the most environmentally friendly, yet durable and beautiful engineered leather.

Available in a number of textures and able to achieve bespoke colours it’s a great addition to any collection and sure to impress even traditional leather lovers.

From airport lounges to restaurants and movie theatres, ELeather provides the quality and luxury of traditional leather with advanced technology to ensure it withstands the test of time in high footfall areas.

Inherently easy to clean and maintain means customers experience a clean and comfortable seat time after time.

ELeather supports footwear brands in pursuit of materials with a premium look that will stand the test of time and everyday use without a heavy environmental footprint.

With sustainability at their core, our materials are versatile and can be adapted for any kind of shoe.