ELeather is the pioneer of engineered leather. Our revolutionary process transforms leather into advanced materials while achieving a significantly lower environmental footprint.

Our recycled leather material is the ideal solution for public space upholstery, creating stylish yet practical interior spaces in airports, leisure and hospitality venues.

1. Creating exceptional experiences

Engineered leather is an advanced material, engineered to perform to the highest standard. It has the look and feel associated with traditional leather, as well as enhanced comfort associated with soft trimmings. These factors make our leather material an ideal solution when it comes to public space upholstery, both for high footfall areas such as airport terminal seating but also high-end business lounges and even cinema rooms that require the ultimate luxury and comfort.

Architects, designers and furniture manufacturers all look to specify materials to impress and work well within the overall concept of the space making for an unforgettable experience that will impress consumers, encourage repeat business and support operators’ strategies for sustained growth.

ELeather can not only make any interior space more comfortable, but also more stylish thanks to its versatility in terms of textures and finishes. Not only that, due to its unique properties, the leather material retains its ‘just been crafted’ look and shape for longer with no bagging in upholstery thanks to controlled stretch and scuff and scratch resistant properties.

2. The most sustainable solution

ELeather’s philosophy is based around taking more care of the world’s precious resources. We responsibly turn something that would otherwise be wasted into something that is truly wanted saving thousands of tons of leather waste each year.

Through the patented manufacturing process, leather fibre bonding is done using just the power of water with no added adhesives or chemicals. Not only that, we operate no manufacturing waste to landfill policy and reuse 90% of the water from the process.

As a result, engineered leather can help improve operators’ sustainability credentials and reduces their environmental footprint.  Airport terminal manufacturers, such as Arconas offer engineered leather material as an alternative sustainable upholstery solution to their clients.

We hold multiple sustainability awards and are part of prestigious Cleantech 100  list for 2020 for sixth consecutive year.

3. Practical and stylish design

Engineered leather is a high-performance, superior material that can create long lasting, beautiful spaces. It makes seating areas last and look better for longer as it’s up to five times more durable than other upholstery alternatives.

Not only that, it’s also highly customisable and versatile thanks to a large selection of finishes and endless colour capabilities meaning it can compliment and work well with virtually any design and desired look. Bespoke colour matching service is available and to help designers visualise engineered lather colour palettes we publish regular trend collections inspired by emerging trends within fashion and lifestyle industries.

Texture wise, engineered leather can come in a variety of finishes – from one that resembles traditional leather to woven textures and patterns. The product is also suitable for secondary processing such as printing or laser etching

4. Upholstering made easy

Not only production of engineered leather reduces thousands of tons of leather waste each year, the fact that our material is produced on a roll with consistent colour and gloss throughout means up to 90% yield per roll.

It’s also very stable and predictable to use which makes patterning and cutting more efficient leaving very little waste. Our public space upholstery collection is also certified to the latest industry standards and has been tested internally and by a third-party testing organisation to ensure compliance with commercial furniture fire safety regulations.

Ongoing care and maintenance is very easy – regular light cleaning is sufficient and reduced the need for frequent deep cleaning meaning it’s engineered leather is more hygienic, especially when compared to fabrics.

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