ELeather is the pioneer of engineered leather. Our revolutionary process transforms leather into advanced materials while achieving a significantly lower environmental footprint.

Our materials developed for the public transport market are designed and manufactured to produce great looking and easy to maintain interiors. ELeather will meet and exceed the needs of interior designers, engineers, maintenance teams, and most importantly – your customers.

1. Unbeatable longevity and performance

Transport operators and OEMs can now offer their passengers an improved travel experience with stylish, durable seats that will retain their luxurious, quality look and feel for every passenger time after time. ELeather’s engineered leather is a longer lasting material made from high quality natural leather fibres and due to controlled stretch, it will maintain its shape and form for longer. It is up to five times more durable than alternative upholstery materials and doesn’t show any signs of bagging or creasing, even after years in service and even in high-footfall environments. This results in less frequent refurbishments and subsequent cost savings for operators and rolling stock OEMs.

Eleather materials are certified to the latest industry standards and rigorously tested in-house and by 3rd party testing organisation to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

2. Improved hygiene with minimum maintenance

Public transport operators face their unique challenges in maintaining their fleets whilst offering the best possible passenger experience. From local routes with high passenger turnaround that leads to suitcases, shopping bags or event pets placed in seats, to long-distance journeys that often result in food and drink spillages or other stains when passengers make themselves comfortable. ELeather is one of the most convenient upholstery options in those situations thanks to its wipe clean surface. Compared to steam or dry cleaning required with fabric or deep cleaning and careful maintenance of traditional leather, engineered leather not only reduces the need for chemical cleaning but also reduces turnaround time when the vehicle comes back to the depot. This means that with minimum maintenance, seats retain their premium look for longer.

3. The most sustainable choice

As public transport is seen as a way to alleviate congestion in urban areas and help reduce number of vehicles on the road, operators and manufacturers can look at ways of improving their eco-friendly credentials even further by sourcing sustainably produced materials. Production of engineered leather saves thousands of tons of leather waste each year and uses 90% less water when compared to traditional leather. Not only that, thanks to our patented and unique manufacturing process, fibre bonding is achieved using just the power of water without the need for harmful adhesives and the end product doesn’t contain any plastic (PVCs).

By upholstering seats in engineered leather, seat manufacturers can lower their carbon footprint and operators can provide their customers with the most sustainable solution out there.

4. Creating well designed interiors

Many travellers opt for public transport over alternative modes of transport due to the convenience such as admiring a scenery on a long-distance journey or even reading a newspaper on their morning commute. For that reason operators are keen to enhance and improve that experience even further by providing well designed train interiors and comfortable, clean seats.

Engineered leather is available in over 20 stock colours and variety of finishes on a short, 48 hour lead time meaning quick turn-around projects are not delayed where brand consistency is key.

For those occasions, where the design is more complex ELeather offer bespoke colour matching service – we can match to a physical sample, pantone or virtually any other reference. Not only that, the material is also suitable for a range of secondary processes including printing, laser etching and embossing making it a great choice for both economy and premium class carriages.

5. Cost effective solution

ELeather is not only reliable in terms of performance but also appearance – produced on a roll and each of those is inspected for defects such as discolouration. This ensures consistency in colour and finish throughout the roll maximising yield and reducing waste and cost in manufacturing. Thanks to the proven in-service longevity, engineered leather reduces the need for frequent refurbishments when compared to other upholstery materials and, as it retains its luxury ‘just been crafted’ look for longer, it allows operators to offer better value for money and more pleasant passenger experience.

Seat cover production is made easy with ELeather as the material is stable and predictable which makes patterning and cutting more efficient and reduces production waste.

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