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    Comfort Range

    The Upholstery Collection – Comfort Range material offers interiors designers, architects and seat manufacturers a wide variety of trending stock colours to choose from, with competitive lead times to support the supply chain demands of fast turn-around projects.

      From the high passenger footfall of airport lounges and restaurants, to the extended comfort requirements of movie theatres and hotel furniture, ELeather’s Comfort Range material comes in a range of grains and finishes, utilising the versatile properties of leather fibre composite to suit the specific application environment.

    Certified to the latest industry standards to ensure safety, ELeather’s Comfort Range material is rigorously tested by a 3rd party testing organisation to ensure compliance with commercial furniture fire safety regulations.


    Easy to cleanMinimal maintenance
    HygienicBetter customer experience
    Consistent high-quality provided on 50LM rollsHigher material yields and easier to process and work with
    Made from natural leatherComfort and style with look and feel of traditional leather
    Reduced stretchNo bagging or creasing over time and seats stay looking newer for longer
    VersatileIncreased design possibilities such as lamination, embossing, printing and stiching
    Scuff and scratch resistantLonger lasting with less frequent seat cover changes
    Clean tech manufacturingContribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future


    Widthmm≥1400 mm
    SoftnessIUP 36mm≥3.2mm

    Colour measurementEL-MFG-WI113DL* ± 0.9; Da* ± 0.5; Db* ± 0.5
    Average thicknessBS EN ISO 2589:2002mm1.2 ± 0.15mm
    GSMEL-LSTP-0005g/m2≥ 550 ± 50 g/m2
    Bally flex - dry 50,000 cycles
    no cracking
    BS EN ISO 5402:2002CyclesPass
    Peel strengthEL-LSTP-0003 DryN/cm≥12.0 N/cm
    Tensile strength MD *1BS EN ISO 3376:2002 *1N/cm≥10.0 N/mm
    Breaking elongation MDBS EN ISO 3376:2002%≥20.0 %
    Tensile strength CD *1BS EN ISO 3376:2002 *1N/mm≥10.0 N/mm
    Breaking elongation CDBS EN ISO 3376:2002%≥30.0 %
    Taber abrasion CS10 1kgBS EN ISO 5470-1:1999 Part 1Cycles>2,000 cycles
    FlammabilityBS 5852:2006 (CRIB 5)
    CATB 117 - 2013
    CA 133 Proto Bea RVNC
    Colour fastness to lightBS EN ISO -105- BO2:2014BWS>5
    Colour fastness to rubbingBS EN ISO 11640:2012CyclesDry 2000 cycles 4-5 / 4-5
    Wet 500 cycles 4-5 / 4-5
    Perspiration 100 cycles 4-5 / 4-5

    *1 Procedure as per BS EN ISO 3376:2002 except it is not corrected for thickness as this is not applicable to ELeather

    *2 All pigments used meet BWS 7 or higher. Pigments are tested in accordance with ISO 4892-2, Cycle 5 and EN ISO 877, and assessed against Blue Wool Scale 1-8 as described in ISO 105 B02, where BWS 8 denotes very high and BWS 1 lowest light fastness. The Fastness to Light of the final ELeather Product is dependant on the colour.