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    Radically sustainable,
    luxury automotive interiors

    We know we can make a product that delivers a luxury automotive experience, without taking it out on the planet.

    Lighter than traditional leather, ELeather saves at least 4kg of weight per vehicle. Saving on fuel. Reducing emissions. Increasing range.

    ELeather is five times stronger than traditional leather, creating luxury interiors that don’t diminish in quality over time. Available in an unlimited range of colours, and a wide range of finishes.


    The sustainable leather

    For some, the beauty of leather lies in the uniqueness of each hide. But this inconsistency is the reason why up to 75% of all leather hides are destined for landfill. ELeather turns that waste into a source of performance material, saving huge amounts each year. Not only that, the production of ELeather saves over 55% of the natural resources, such as water and land used by traditional leather. And reduces CO2 emissions by more than 60%. Sustainability is in our DNA – we create what the people want and the planet deserves. Want to know more?

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    Lighter weight for increased range

    Increasingly stringent emissions targets require OEMs to find innovative solutions. Looking beyond the structural components, in order to reduce the weight of their vehicles. A simple swap from traditional leather to much lighter ELeather will result in as much as 4 kg of weight saved per car meaning fewer CO2 emissions in use. This will also allow the vehicle owner to save on fuel and enjoy the open road for longer in-between charges.

    Quality interior that lasts

    We understand that the interior of a vehicle is as carefully considered as the exterior. Continuing to entice and excite drivers through the entire lifetime of a car. Our premium, luxury material can deliver on that promise as it retains the fresh out-of-factory look and feel for years to come.

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    Improved production efficiency

    Delivered in consistent, ready-to-cut rolls, ELeather simplifies and eliminates many of the steps required in the production of a leather seat cover. With no need for hide inspection and greatly reduced cutting and yield loss. And suitable for stack-cutting, saving even more time. ELeather helps save resources and express the individual character of each car model, that your customers will cherish for years to come.

    Better than leather

    Leather has been the luxury material of choice thanks to its suppleness and uniqueness – favoured by designers and loved by consumers. Recently, however, the public has become increasingly aware and vocal about its environmental cost, which can no longer be overlooked. Now, there is a material that is able to provide the luxuriousness of leather without its environmental pitfalls. A material that is not only easier to work with but also easier to look after and longer-lasting. For a material that outperforms leather in every way.

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