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    Performance materials
    with a lighter footprint

    The world of fashion and footwear demands change. Change for more responsible materials, more transparency for consumers and ultimately solutions that can make a real meaningful change today.

    ELeather have made it their mission to do just that; rethinking waste, recycling it into high-performance, yet lightweight materials perfect for a variety of footwear applications, all while generating less emissions and using less natural resources.


    Measuring sustainability

    By redirecting leather hides, destined for landfill, ELeather create sustainable materials that outperform traditional leather in every way. Better is possible. And it’s possible today. Using up to 55% recycled content, lowering CO2 by over 60% and reducing land and water use by 55% compared to traditional leather – footwear brands can protect our climate, without sacrificing quality standards.

    Visit our sustainability page for more information.

    Trusted performance

    Making more responsible materials doesn’t have to mean compromising the finished performance of your products. ELeather is inherently durable and retains it’s ‘like-new’ look for longer than a traditional leather, even though it’s construction is much lighter weight!

    This gives consumers a premium product that lasts the duration – closing the gap on throwaway fashion.

    Finding the right fit

    ELeather footwear materials come in a range of thicknesses to match application needs, so whether you’re making robust safety shoes, a high-fashion boot or funky athleisure pumps, there is a material fit for purpose.

    It’s crafted to ensure consistency from edge-to-edge, and from the beginning of the roll to the end, making sure you get the most out of your material yields.

    Designing for good

    ELeather believe designing for good should be a mantra every brand lives by; why design something without sustainability in mind?… But aside from the attractive environmental credentials of ELeather, the materials offer a world of opportunities when it comes to bespoke finishes. ELeather can be colour matched and comes in a wide range of finishing options. Fancy an emboss or digital print? That’s easy as ELeather takes perfectly to a number of secondary processes.

    Working with material on a roll also offers some real efficiencies in production as ELeather is great for stack cutting, and its uniformed nature means patterning is made easy. To find out more about design support and see all of our collections visit our online portfolio at

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