Nestled in the foothill of the Italian Alps, some 80 kilometres northwest of Milan lies the city of Biella with its rich history of textile tradition. It’s here that Michele Pozzo founded Mirantico  – a company that aims to re-define the concept of tailoring with their collection of modern backpacks and accessories.

Inspired by Travel

Michele set up the business after a successful career in fashion and luxury goods that had seen him travel the world extensively. It was the travel itself, that gave him the inspiration to design an ideal travel bag. One that was both versatile and elegant and that could be paired with a tailored suit or a pair of jeans and a hoodie.

“Mirantico was founded to show the sartorial world in a different way, not through tailored suits and garments but through bags and accessories” says Michele. With tailoring being at the centre of their philosophy, the company offers made-to-order and fully customisable goods made from the highest quality materials. Visiting their website (https://www.mirantico.com/) the you are able to choose, not only the model of the bag, but also the fabric and colour of the inner lining. There’s even an option to include your name or initials on the zipper.

New Material Solutions

Having initially only used fabric and wool, Mirantico now offer all of their backpack models in ELeather. “ELeather was a new material to us but, thanks to the fact that, like fabric, it is produced on a roll it was easy to introduce it into our production process. Also, knowing that the material is used in transport, we realised the durability and strength were going to be of much higher standard than other materials” said Michele.

The concept of leather is connected to tailoring but Mirantico don’t offer their products in traditional leather. The company is satisfied that ELeather’s sustainable leather offers both the durability but also softness and stylish, modern look with added environmental benefits.

Aiming High in Sustainability Standards

For Michele, ELeather also represented the first move into sustainable materials. “ELeather enables us to give consumers sustainable products without sacrificing on quality and durability. An increasing number of consumers are looking for everyday products made out of more responsible materials and we are now looking at switching other components of our designs into more sustainable alternatives. We also use sustainable packaging made out of 100% regenerated cotton and recyclable boxes for shipping”.

Crossing the Border(s)

Despite being a relatively young business, Mirantico is already well-known in many parts of Italy, and the company is now setting its sights on new markets in northern Europe focusing on servicing mainly urban communities with its modern, chic backpacks that are perfect for life on the go Their individual approach to each backpack and order, allows their customers to purchase unique, personalised items made responsibly with the highest quality and attention to detail.

For more information please visit https://www.mirantico.com/