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    ELeather Products

    ELeather has created a range of products – each engineered to meet a specific requirement. Due to the composite nature of our material, our products can be configured to fulfil a particular need of a specific market or application – from environmental claims, through aesthetics, performance attributes to industry regulations. Speak to us about which ELeather product to use for your application.


    the original, all round versatile engineered leather


    Our Comfort material maintains the quality and integrity of traditional leather while building in advanced performance characteristics to achieve a lightweight material with increased durability.Its versatile properties mean it has been a material of choice across aviation, ground transportation (including bus, coach and rail) and even, public spaces.

    • lightweight
    • low maintenance
    • made with recycled leather
    • highly durable
    • scuff and scratch-resistant
    • consistent in terms of quality across the roll
    • responsibly manufactured

    next-generation material,

    made to protect and perform


    Essence has been designed to meet the needs of the aviation market and is based on three key benefits: hygiene, softness, and sustainability. It has also been engineered to enable brands to provide their customers with better experiences and more environmentally-friendly solutions.

    Standing true to our sustainability ethos, we have used more recycled leather content in Essence. Recycling more and reducing waste has always been a driving force behind ELeather from the very beginning. By choosing Essence, brands can positively contribute to using more of what’s already available through recycling, as well as lowering CO2 emissions and reducing the use of the earth’s scarce resources.

    Essence combines all of Comfort’s features with the added benefit of…

    • built-in antimicrobial properties thanks to the PURE Guard technology
    • compatibility with a broad range of sanitisers and UVC cleaning

    • a natural finish with a soft feel

    • even more recycled content

    Antimicrobial Technology


    Over the years we have supplied our materials to over 200 airlines, transformed over 12,000 rail vehicles and helped provide better travel experience to countless passengers. We know that safety and comfort of their passengers are top priorities for travel operators and airlines and this includes keeping them safe from viruses and bacteria that often lurk in high-touch areas.

    PURE Guard technology by ELeather is a proprietary antimicrobial solution that can be integrated into any ELeather product, delivering built-in hygiene protection to offer customers and passengers peace of mind.

    PURE Guard has been developed to effectively reduce the growth of microbes on the surface of ELeather materials and has been verified through rigorous testing to internationally recognised standards.  This technology is incorporated into the product to ensure that it does not wear off or leach out, and that the anti-microbial performance is retained throughout the lifetime of the material.

    Cleaning and sanitisation on ELeather


    Many of our customers use various sanitisers for additional protection from viruses – for that reason we have evaluated and tested a wide variety of cleaning and sanitation products used throughout the transport, furniture and leather goods industries to reassure our customers of their compatibility with ELeather materials.

    In addition ELeather materials have been tested to ensure compatibility with the most commonly used sanitisers, and are UVC certified by Dimer UVC Innovations in partnership with Honeywell.  All three components combined offer customers a safe and sound material solution that will build passenger confidence in their travel choices.