Provocative. Angry. Bold. Our latest collection – Anarcho Punk has landed.

Inspired by the gritty days of the 80s rebellion, Anarcho Punk features a protest colour palette. Imagine oily night time urban landscape with sporadic flashes from streetlights. Cars whizzing past visible only by the flashes of tail lights.

Graphic calls to action, graffitied onto buildings and underpasses are the expression of rage and dissent. Music is loud and angry. And fashion is an explosion of bold colours, gritty textures with accents of torn and ripped surfaces.

Why the anger?

Our current challenging political and economic state finds uncanny parallels with the 80s decade. Add to this the pressing issue of slowing down climate change and there’s plenty of reasons to be angry and disappointed.

The greater public has also rediscovered the strength in coming together united by their beliefs and public pressure on those in power – whether in political, environmental or commercial context.

Anarcho Punk – the collection

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High gloss finishes, vivid contrasting colours, ripped and torn textures are the main focus in this collection. Reminiscent of worn leather jackets, ripped jeans and t-shirts displaying bold, loud colours.

A graphic call to action is signified in the universal protest colours of Ink, Rage and the combination of the two in Lava. Hardened harmonies are found with Bunker and Electrify while Calico and Celadon provide solid neutral foundations for the more intense hues.

Available only in digital format, the Anarcho Punk trend card is now available here