In 2021, Spanish rail operator ‘RENFE’ initiated a trial with ELeather on their Cercanias (Commuter) CIVIA train in Madrid.

The Cercanias are an important part of the RENFE Group as they cover 12 of the country’s big cities in the pursuit of reducing pollution. This essential mobility network transfers more than one million passengers every day and the company has big plans to continue increasing the number of commuters using sustainable transport.

RENFE also has some big commitments and targets to reduce carbon emissions, with a goal of over 7 million tonnes by 2030.  Encouraging more people to switch their daily commute to a train is part of that plan, and the company recognized that providing the best and most sustainable train is how to achieve this.

The partnership with RENFE is a perfect match as they wanted to modernise and refurbishment their trains to give passengers the best possible experience during their commute but also to use materials that have strong environmental credentials.

After running the trial for almost a year, the ELeather materials spoke for themselves. Switching from fabric to a sustainable leather not only aligned with their environmental goals but also raised the overall image of the trains and the brand itself.  Passengers feel valued to have modern, stylish and hygienic carriages and RENFE have further contributed to lowering carbon emissions.

The success of the trial has led to a great partnership being formed and the company’s mission to continue refurbishing many more commuter and regional lines with ELeather.

It’s an honor to have the trust and support of such a great business and together we will continue to tackle the climate crisis while making rail travel the transport of choice across Spain.