COVID-19 Support

Due to the current concern regarding the spread of the novel corona virus SARS-CoV-2, and the respective coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), ELeather has evaluated and tested a wide variety of cleaning and sanitation products used throughout the transport, furniture and leather goods industries to reassure our customers of their compatibility with ELeather materials.

In addition, ELeather has been tested and UVC certified by Dimer UVC Innovations, in partnership with Honeywell.

ELeather has over ten years’ experience supplying highly durable, easy to clean and long-lasting materials for a wide variety of applications. The materials are designed to minimise maintenance, while being robust enough to withstand more rigorous cleaning when required.

Selecting ELeather offers you and your customers peace of mind, whether it’s maintaining a safe environment for travel and leisure or offering products that are inherently easy to keep clean and hygienic.


Here you can find some of the answers to the most popular questions relating to leather fibre composite from ELeather. If you cannot find the answer to your specific question, please contact us for a more detailed explanation and description of our product.

What is ELeather?

ELeather is manufactured using high quality, unused leather fibre. Through a totally unique process, we engineer a high-performance, technically advanced leather fibre composite.

Why specify ELeather instead of traditional leather?

Operating costs are a key focus of attention. ELeather provides you with a material that will out-live traditional leather and remain looking and feeling better for longer. As well as boasting excellent durability standards, ELeather is also more hygienic than other materials saving you money in the future.

Depending on the application and use, ELeather typically has four to five times the serviceable life of traditional leathers.

We’d like to meet you to show you wear tests, flight trials and customer feedback.

I use fabric, why would I change to ELeather?

The cost saving properties of ELeather in comparison to similar materials, such as moquette, may not be immediately obvious. However, this does not reduce their significance. Take into account the more frequent need for replacement and regular cleaning. Additional seat covers must be available so that each aircraft or vehicle can operate after its covers have been removed for maintenance. Each cover must be traced between removal and re-installment which creates a logistical challenge and use of additional resources. This results in additional costs that ELeather can help reduce.

How do I tell if it's ELeather?

It can be difficult to distinguish between ELeather and competitor materials, especially when first in service. After longer periods of use, ELeather will maintain its quality appearance while other materials may show signs of wear and tear.

How is ELeather made?

ELeather is made using our patented manufacturing process, in which leather fibre is hydroentangled with a high performance textile core.

See how ELeather is made here.

How long does ELeather last?

Life expectancy varies according to usage, material type and maintenance, however ELeather has been in service with many operators for over five years across the transport industry.

We use rigorous testing methods to demonstrate the clear durability advantages of our products. Both in-house and independent tests show that ELeather outperforms most other materials in wear and abrasion, as well as maintaining its high quality appearance that lasts.

How does ELeather cut and sew?

Cut and sew suppliers using ELeather are also experiencing the benefits of a consistent material that can increase yields, reduce waste and reduce production time.

Being a consistent material it can be multi-layer cut, it is lighter to handle and is easy to sew. Expect less waste and reduced sewing times. If you are a seat manufacturer or require further information on this area please contact our technical support team via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

How big are the rolls?

Rolls are 1.4m (approx 4′ 0”) wide and normally at least 50m (100′ 0”) long for ease of handling. If a bespoke colour match is required, minimum order quantities are 500m.

Can you do matches with traditional leather?

Yes, we can match most colours and grains to a specific material swatch or Pantone/RAL colour reference.

How long does it take to do matches?

Colour-matching takes a maximum of ten working days.

Can I have some for mock-up and testing?

If you require a sample of ELeather, please contact us via our ‘Contact Us’ page or email, detailing your project application and potential order quantities.

Total cost of ownership comparison

ELeather acquisition costs will be similar to most fabrics and traditional leather. However, total cost of ownership may be significantly lower based on advanced performance criteria such as longevity in service, minimal maintenance and high durability.

Contact us to discuss your precise requirements and see how you can reduce your costs.

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