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    Pioneering technology for a more responsible future.

    Our technology is able to deliver high-performing, environmentally responsible materials that allow for exceptional customer experiences. We are the pioneer of sustainable, engineered leather but our ambition doesn’t stop there.

    How it’s made

    We are the original inventors of sustainable, engineered leather.
    By uniquely entangling leather fibres with only the power of water, we reimagined a waste stream into valuable, high-performance materials that dramatically reduces CO2. Made with up to 55% recycled leather, it delivers a luxurious look and feel with enhanced strength and consistent form.

    The process

    Leather offcuts

    Leather fibre

    Leather fibre web

    Hydroentanglement process


    The technology

    Versatility of a composite structure

    We have the ability to adjust performance characteristics to different application and market needs. Being a composite structure, allows integration of added durability, softness, strength or even smart technology.

    Combining the unique material structure with leading edge coating technology enables additional abrasion and stain resistance, antimicrobial solutions and infinite design opportunities such as embossing, digital print, perforation and lamination.

    Creating recycled leather on a roll ensures our partners a consistent, reliable material that can be trusted to go the distance when in-use, as well as providing many efficiencies in their own production from increased cutting yields to removal of hide inspection.

    Composite Structure

    How it makes a difference

    Zero Landfill

    Zero manufacturing
    waste to landfill

    Recycled water

    95% of water is recycled
    back into the process

    Using 100%
    green energy

    Our markets

    Over the last decade we’ve worked in numerous high-demanding markets with plenty of household-name brands helping them create memorable experiences for their customers and reaching their carbon reduction goals at the same time.



    public spaces

    Public Spaces



    Public transport

    Public transport