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    Ancestral Darks

    Trend Collection 2021

    Ancestral Darks Trend Collection

    Presenting a heritage collection as a protective cocoon against political and social uncertainty.

    Antique and heritage hues from bygone eras evoke warmth and cosy escape from the world outside. Victorian domesticity is a sanctuary against chaos, where no aspect is left unconsidered. The palette recalls sooty hearths, gildings, candlelight and heavy velvets.

    Patterns and textures are thick with historical references from arts and crafts periods. Classical proportions, rigorous structures and comforting colours avoid the pastiche. Multiple geometric forms are effective at delivering an austere maximalist approach, in preference to frills, flora and fauna.

    Cork 4346 011 180x180
    Flint 3772 016 180x180
    Tempest 4347 012 180x180
    Falu 3957 063 180x180
    Umber 4348 012 180x180
    Cadet 4339 012 180x180
    Neptune 4419 017 180x180

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