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    Future Soul

    Trend Collection 2022

    Future Soul Trend Collection

    Reflecting the fatigue and anxiety around globalism, there is a desire for authenticity, craft and sustainability. Post-pandemic, the growing demand for slow living and circularity sees an increased appreciation of the rural and natural world.

    This colour palette, with its innate calmness, is inspired by timeless cycles and the rhythms of natural agricultural systems. A profound respect for nature drives these textures and colours. The bleak beauty of harsh environments gives coarse, dry surfaces. Pattern is subtle, taking inspiration from the effects of the sun, stark shadows and cracked earth.

    Grounded in earthen natural tones, Future Soul gives us comforting familiarity with the clay and stone tones of Etruscan and Frost. While brighter, more uplifting hues of Sandstone and Vetiver inject notes of optimism and radiance. Our core of Celadon and Calico bring light and calm neutrality to the collection.

    FS Sandstone 19x19
    FS Frost 19x19
    FS Etruscan 19x19
    FS Vertiver 19x19
    NR Urchin 605x220
    NR Celadon 19x19
    NR Calico 19x19

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