At ELeather, we are passionate about promoting the use of sustainable materials and responsible design. We have been part of many innovative projects and now we’re looking to create similar opportunities for students and young designers.  

Our sustainable leather materials have been used by some of the biggest brands including Delta Airlines, Deutsche Bahn, Aeromexico, KLM, Nike and more across many applications spanning transport, public spaces, lifestyle and footwear.  


“ELeather looks and feels like traditional leather but comes at the fraction of its environmental footprint. We’re now looking to work with young designers and students to promote thinking about the environmental impact of the materials they use in their future projects” said Nicky Fox, Head Designer at ELeather.

young designersHow to take part  

If you are a design student or a young designer, now is your chance to use a sustainable leather material that Nike hailed as “the greatest advance in leather, since leather”.  

Get in touch via our Design for Good portal, submit your design/sketch and tell us more about the application you’d like to use ELeather for. It could be a chair, a handbag, pair of shoes, a coat, or anything else – let your imagination run wild.

Our design team will get in touch with selected applicants to supply materials and provide support in bringing their designs to life, discussing the best colours and grains of ELeather.  

Why take part  

With this project, we would like to give young designers a chance to work with truly innovative material, enrich their portfolio and gain some valuable experience.  

We will create a display of the finished articles within our showroom which is regularly visited by representatives from many household-name brands from across all markets, as well as displaying them in a digital form across our Design for Good platform.  

We will also invite all the participants to get together in our manufacturing facility and share their experiences of working with sustainable materials, learn from each other and discover how ELeather is made and what makes it so environmentally friendly. 


To take part and submit your project visit