Whitelaw Coaches converted their coach interiors to the environmentally friendly seat upholstery material E‑Leather, having recently taken delivery of five MCV Evolution bodied MAN A66 vehicles.

Whitelaw’s, who currently operate 42 buses and coaches from their headquarters in Stonehouse, made the decision to use E‑Leather instead of traditional moquette on the Rowan Telmac Telford 20 seats, based on the potential for improved hygiene and reduced maintenance costs.


Sandra Whitelaw, Managing Director of Whitelaw’s, is very impressed with the results and hopes to specify E‑Leather on future vehicles stating, “We have a policy of changing our buses every three years and believe that by fitting E‑Leather we can maintain a higher resale value for our vehicles while offering our customers an enhanced interior that is bright and in line with the modern look of our fleet”.

The new vehicles will operate on route 250 linking Birkenshaw and East Kilbride and route 255 between Netherburn and East Kilbride in South Lanarkshire.

Whitelaw new look with E-Leather 213-102402
Whitelaw new look with E-Leather 313-102402