Leather fibre evolved

ELeather takes the highest quality leather fibre and through a totally unique process, engineers a high-performance, technically advanced leather fibre composite.  Our product collections are a true evolution in material technology – maximising performance and enhancing experiences in a more responsible way. Select the alternative material that benefits you and your customers.

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ELeather Samples

Design inspiration

Trends in colour and surface inspire what consumers want to wear, sit on and live with.
We continuously assess the market so that we can innovate more rapidly, turning designers concepts to reality.

ELeather is Sustainable

Hydroentanglement technology

Taking our most precious commodity – water,
we developed and patented a manufacturing process using hydroentanglement, which locks traditional leather fibres within a high-performance core.

Water Droplets on ELeather

Responsible manufacture

Our commitment to being a responsible manufacturer starts by giving more value to unused natural resources. We put sustainability at the core of everything we do from raw material sourcing and production processes through to waste disposal and recycling.

Our markets

Our collections have been specifically developed to offer a consistency of finish across a broader range of both practical and performance criteria relevant to different markets and their applications.