Celebrating Ten Years of Creating High Performance Leather Fibre Composite Through a Unique Sustainable Process

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire UK – February 16th 2017: ELeather, a UK based environmentally friendly materials technology company is celebrating ten years of recycling traditional leather waste through a unique clean technology process to create high performance leather fibre composite.

Since starting production in 2007, the company has remained passionate and committed to making the most of the world’s natural and limited resources.  Using a smart and patented process, ELeather has helped saved over 5000 tons of traditional leather waste from landfill – equivalent to the weight of over 100 narrow-body aircraft.

ELeather Eliminates Thousands in Tons of Leather Waste to Landfill Every Year

Sustainable raw materials

Up to 50% of natural leather hide is wasted and often destined for landfill.  ELeather utilise the existing supply of that valuable and natural resource by recycling it into a high-quality, highly desirable product. The entire production process increases resource efficiency by using 90% less water and the company runs a zero landfill and waste policy.

Eco friendly manufacture

Water power is used through the patented hydro-entanglement process which reduces energy use and recycles 95% of the water and heat generated. This plus zero emissions to air is what make the manufacturing process truly eco-friendly.

Overall Performance

The high performance attributes of ELeather products, such as enhanced durability, light weight and low maintenance (without the need for, often harmful, cleaning chemicals) means customers can benefit from a more efficient and long lasting material that doesn’t cost the earth.

An independent study, carried out by environmental consultancies Oakdene Hollins & PRé Sustainability, identified the use of ELeather over other traditional leather materials has a remarkably lower impact on the environment, often showing more than 90% improvement.  This study looked at a number of metrics including global warming potential, non-renewable resource use and agricultural land use.

Nico DenOuden, Business Unit Director at ELeather says “Over the years we have continued to be recognised by prestigious sustainability awards and take immense pride in the part we play in looking after our world.  It’s at the core of everything we do and we will continue to share this passion with our customers so they too can support the industry through their own environmental initiatives.”

ELeather has received numerous awards and recognitions for their contribution to sustainable manufacturing and cleantech innovation. The company has already been named for three awards in 2017, including the Global Cleantech 100 awards for the third consecutive year and the ACM Greener Pathways Awards for ‘zero waste to landfill’.