We’re proud to announce that November saw the opening of our first ever showroom in Asia Pacific region. Located in China’s bustling capital city, Beijing, the showroom displays product innovation and brings ELeather closer to the growing Asian sustainable and innovative materials market.

As conversations surround the rise of Asia and its immense potential in driving our global economy, coupled with consumer drive for sustainability, there has never been a better opportunity for us to open our  Beijing showroom and continue innovating together with clients.

The showroom features ELeather product collections, highlighting the use of our innovative high-performance engineered leather. Ease of maintenance, durability, sustainability and comfort are just some of the many qualities that the engineered leather can offer. With these defining characteristics, we can offer clients the ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences, helping them reduce costs and minimise waste while boosting their environmental credentials.

“We are proud to be expanding in the Asia Pacific market. The growing interest in innovative materials coupled with the increasing need to achieve sustainability universally opens up new opportunities for ELeather to expand in this market. Across the globe, more businesses are concerned with sustainability.

Our engineered leather was created with this concern in mind, and we’re determined to ensure that our innovative products are available across the globe. The creation of the Beijing show room demonstrates our dedication to this growing market and its needs” said Nico Den Ouden, our Global Sales & Marketing Director.

ELeather Asia Sales and Marketing Team
ELeather sales and marketing team in the Beijing showroom. From left to right: Daniel Lim, Karen Xue, Louise Gear, Nicola Rapley, Nico Den Ouden, William Thong, Van Nguyen