ELeather grain collection

Our engineered leather is the perfect addition to any collection. It’s contemporary, stylish and can be manufactured in an unlimited number of colours and a wide selection of finishes. This allows designers freedom to create with a peace of mind knowing that the material they use, has a low environmental footprint and high aesthetic quality.

We offer a wide range of grain finishes from traditional leather grains to woven textures and geometric patterns, giving designers great versatility.

If you would like to access downloads of each grain as a seamless greyscale image for easy 2D and 3D visualisation, just get in touch.

Our textures


Grain 005 Ibexx

Grain 011 Sheepskin

Grain 012 Goat

Grain 061 Doeskin


Grain 023 Boca


Grain 014 Titan

Grain 017 Tumble

Grain 045 Buffalino

Grain 052 Taurus

Grain 060 Gaia


Grain 016 Smooth

Grain 055 Sateen

Grain 056 Hopsak

Grain 059 Urban