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A preference for natural, sustainable products that tell a profoundly personal story about their source and their craft. Tactile surfaces and shapes combine as on expression of the origin of these products and highlight the true connection to their living history.

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Eco Lux 2018/19

Natural tones meet sophisticated hues in this collection. Available in two different grain finishes, ELeather’s Eco Lux collection provides a rich, tactile palette with a luxurious twist. Grain 59 is a natural pattern with a woven affect surface, ideal for those inspired by soft 3D structures and a desire for a more durable alternative to a fabric. Grain 17 is a deep natural leather grain that offers a traditional luxury feel.

Eleather Swatch - Warm Putty

Warm Putty (Grain 59)

ELeather Swatch - Oxblood Grain

Oxblood (Grain 17)

Eleather Swatch - Blueberry

Blueberry (59)

Eleather Swatch - Moss

Moss (17)

Eleather Swatch - Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna (59)

Eleather Swatch - Teal

Teal (17)

Eleather Swatch - Camel

Camel (59)