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Professionals demand precision. Attention to the finer detail informs personal choices in products and experiences. Fine lines, technical patterns, innovative textures reflect the beauty of modern engineering and amazing new materials. There is no hesitation in identifying material successes in the brands we enjoy.

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Meticulous attention to detail, technical engineering and a precision finish, that’s the influence behind the Premium Pro collection from ELeather. This timeless collection is a combination of classics mixed with earthy tones, all available in two grain finishes. Grain 52 offers a traditional leather texture with a matt surface for a refined, elegant finish. In contrast, grain 58 provides a subtle geometric pattern ideal for a more technical design.

Eleather Swatch - Blueberry

Blueberry (Grain 58)

ELeather Swatch - Coal

Coal (Grain 52)

Eleather Swatch - Ghost White

Ghost White (52)

Eleather Swatch - Khaki

Khaki (58)

Eleather Swatch - Conkers

Conkers (52)

Eleather Swatch - Biscuit

Biscuit (58)

Eleather Swatch - Seal

Seal (52)