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Choices are driven by the belief that you should always look to brighten your day.
Surround yourself with the embracing warmth of friends. Make bold, colourful statements demonstrating a fearless, frenetic and fun outlook on your environment.

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A progressive palette that combines neutral mid and dark tones with a vibrant pop of accent shades. The Social Brights collection is available in two surface grain textures, grain 56 and 57. Grain 56 is clean and crisp, based on a diamond and mathematical pattern that delivers a 3D effect. Grain 57 is ultra soft and smooth to provide a tactile velvet-like touch.

ELeather Swatch - Powder Blue

Powder Blue (Grain 56)

Eleather Swatch - Coal

Coal (Grain 57)

Eleather Swatch - Coral

Coral (56)

Eleather Swatch - Seablue

Seablue (57)

Eleather Swatch - Cloud

Cloud (56)

Eleather Swatch - Falu Red

Falu Red (57)

Eleather Swatch - Sky

Sky (56)