In order to strengthen the company’s sustainability credentials, JetSMART signed an agreement with ELeather to upholster 13,020 seats with sustainable, engineered leather across its new fleet. The fleet consists of 70 aircraft of the A320 NEO family -with 186 seats each-, which will be gradually incorporated into the company until 2026.

The first delivery of 11 planes with sustainable seats will be completed next year (2021). The use of ELeather material has multiple benefits, such as reducing fuel consumption costs by up to US $10,000 per plane every year, because it is 48% lighter than traditional leather.

In addition, ELeather material has proven to have high durability over time, meaning seat covers last longer and retain their quality look without sagging or scuffing. The material used to upholster the seats is made through a unique, patented process that recycles leather waste, resulting in lower carbon emissions and reduced use of the earth’s natural resources such as water and land.

“We are very happy with the closing of this new agreement with ELeather, which will allow us to have more than 13,000 seats in sustainable material and which is added to a series of initiatives that we have promoted from the beginning, which aim to reduce the carbon footprint. At JetSMART we have the most advanced technology in terms of fuel efficiency, which mitigates and reduces the impact of the aeronautical industry on the environment, which make us leading sustainability issues within the sector. We want our fleet to be a reflection of our ULCC essence, which seeks to reduce costs and thus be able to offer the lowest rates in the market to our passengers” said JetSMART CEO, Estuardo Ortiz.

Last year, the airline announced the acquisition of efficient Airbus aircraft (A320 NEO), which incorporate the latest technologies, with new generation engines and Sharklets, which together mean 20% savings in fuel and CO2, as well as 50% noise reduction.

And in September of this year, JetSMART announced the signing of an agreement with Recaro for the purchase of more than 11,000 seats for economy class, which will be installed in 61 Airbus aircraft, starting in 2021. These seats weigh only 8 kg, therefore it has a direct impact on the reduction of fuel and maintenance costs. This agreement was signed for the entire portfolio of Indigo Partners airlines, which also include Wizz Air (Hungary), Frontier (United States), Volaris (Mexico), and Enerjet (Canada).