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    Where luxury meets economy

    When every ounce counts, ELeather delivers. Trusted by some of the world’s largest airlines, ELeather makes luxury sustainable. Reclaimed leather fibres entangled with a high-performance core, for a revolutionary alternative to leather. Lighter. Stronger. And radically better for the planet.

    ELeather massively reduces the weight of each aircraft, saving on fuel. Switching to ELeather can save up to $10k per aircraft, every year, versus traditional leather. Better for business, and better for the climate. Delivered in consistent, ready-to-cut rolls in your choice of colour and grain, ELeather cuts yield waste.


    1. Increasing flight comfort

    Airline operators need to impress customers and deliver a more comfortable flying experience to generate repeat business. We can enhance aircraft upholstery with a material that won’t wear quickly, sag or stretch after prolonged periods of use.

    Essence enables airlines to achieve the luxurious look and feel of full grain leather, in a stronger more durable material. Designed to outlast other materials, it retains its high-quality ‘just been crafted’ look for longer. Durability tests show Essence is up to five times more durable than other aviation materials.

    ELeather products are similarity approved by many large seat makers. Recommended as the material of choice for increased durability, enhanced cabin experience and passenger comfort. Four out of five largest airlines fly ELeather and have had seats in service for over five years with virtually no signs of wear.

    2. Cost saving benefits

    Lighter than traditional leather, Essence helps airlines reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs. Using Essence in aircraft upholstery results in reduced fuel burn on take-off and subsequent savings of up to $10k per annum (per narrow body aircraft compared to traditional leather).

    A durable, scuff and scratch resistant construction means a longer lifetime. Requiring fewer replacements, offering further savings for airline operators. Essence also reduces the need for deep cleans and improves turnaround times between flights.

    Essence delivers a 90% usable area per 5 sqm (based on typical seating upholstery application) compared to a maximum of 70% for leather, resulting in less waste and higher yield per roll.

    3. Ease of maintenance

    Essence reduces total cost of ownership, with enhanced in-service performance. Reducing the need for deep cleans and regular maintence. Our Essence collection can be wiped clean easily and quickly to remove spillages and reduce the risk of staining the materials, removing the need to carry a full space set of covers onboard.

    Resulting in minimal on-wing maintenance which, coupled with the ease of cleaning, means savings on seat refurbishment and improved cost of ownership. Some of our LCC customers have seats in service for over 8 years that show minimal signs of ageing and wear.

    4. Engineered for performance

    ELeather is the result of a revolutionary process and a vision that high quality, luxury products can be manufactured sustainably. ELeather offers the industry’s lightest leather-based aviation material with uncompromised performance. Our sustainable leather alternative is a stable, predictable material to use which makes cutting and patterning more efficient.

    It’s up to five times more durable than other aviation materials, and due to controlled stretch the finished seat cover will maintain its form and shape for longer. The material looks and feels just like full grain leather and retains its ‘just been crafted’ look for longer reducing the frequency of fleet refurbishments.

    ELeather’s aviation leather products are rigorously tested in-house and by third parties to ensure they meet customer and partner quality and certification standards. Our technical specifications demonstrate all industry requirements for flammability, plus relevant smoke and quality tests are passed.

    5. Quality to impress

    At ELeather, we know that quality products drive exceptional customer experiences, developing Essence to look and feel just as luxurious as full grain leather. By focusing on our customers’ needs and their customers’ needs, ELeather is designed to deliver better experiences all around.

    Trends shape customer expectations and experiences and with a mix of stock and bespoke colourways, combined with multiple grains, textures and designs we deliver the most customisable and unique experiences possible.

    Thanks to our more hygienic, clean, durable and stylish solutions, we allow airlines to deliver superb experiences time and time again. ELeather is the material of choice by some of the world’s largest brands such as Nike and American Airlines.

    6. Customisable design

    ELeather offers a wide range of grain finishes, giving designers great versatility. From traditional leather grains to woven textures and geometric patterns. ELeather is perfect for additional design treatments like print, lamination, embossing and stitching. Our customers can select the best colour and grain combination to reflect and compliment their brand thanks to our bespoke colour match service and in-house design support function.

    We keep on top of industry trends to refresh our collections regularly allowing airlines and design agencies to lean on us in pursuit of colours and grains reflecting current and future trends in the fashion world and beyond.

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