The Flight Collection maintains the quality and integrity of traditional leather while building in advanced performance characteristics to achieve a lighter weight material with unbeatable strength. Unlike any other aviation textile, leather fibre composite looks better, lasts longer and reduces aircraft weight, offering airlines significant fuel savings.

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Seating Upholstery

Comfort Range

Many operators have adopted ELeather as a result of extended evaluation. As is appropriate in this industry, evaluation has included extensive flight trials and independent laboratory testing in comparison to the best competing materials, including traditional leather and fabric.
In side-by-side flight tests against traditional leather and synthetic faux leathers, ELeather has out-performed in customer comfort, improved durability and cabin appearance.

ELeather Cladding


ELeather is the only high technology manufactured material providing the appearance of traditional leather throughout the cabin. Available in any colour & a selection of grains, our cladding has the look & feel of leather without the weight penalty. It is also available on a 1.4-metre wide roll for ease of use. ELeather cladding for monuments & partitions increases the opportunity to continue the brand colours & finishes throughout other areas of the cabin, whilst reducing on-going maintenance & spares costs.

Case studies