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    Luxury looks and
    sustainable credentials

    Demand for ethical consumption has never been higher. But customers still expect high quality products. ELeather delivers on both. A premium performance material, that’s radically better for the planet. Our unique process recycles leather waste into luxury materials, helping brands recycle more and waste less.

    ELeather is suitable for endless applications – from consumer electronics, to leather goods, footwear and much more. Our lifestyle leather collections are developed based on extensive and regular research to reflect current, and future, consumer trends.



    ELeather is the sustainable, recycled leather for brands that want beautiful products made from environmentally responsible materials. No-one else in the world makes a leather material like ELeather. It uses up to 55% recycled content, generates significantly less CO2 emissions and reduces the use of earth’s scarce natural resources. Helping brands deliver luxury for the climate conscious, offering quality materials with high recycled content and high-quality finish. 

    Visit our sustainability page for more information.

    One of a kind

    Sustainability doesn’t mean compromising on design, performance, or even look and feel – which makes ELeather a completely unique product. Compared to full grain leather, our material is more environmentally friendly, but equally desirable. When compared against other leather alternatives, ELeather is free from PVC. You get a material that is more durable and resistant to wear and tear.


    ELeather is an established material supplier to a global blue-chip customer base. Spanning sectors like interiors, furniture, and transport where performance is key. Our material has been engineered for performance and is up to five times more durable than traditional leather. It’s scratch and scuff resistant and, thanks to controlled stretch, doesn’t suffer from bagging. Our customers, regardless of the market, want to provide the best possible quality to their customers and we support them with materials of the highest quality with superior performance.

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