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    ELeather maintenance and sanitisation

    eleather sanitisation

    ELeather is a unique, sustainable upholstery material. Not only does it significantly reduce the impact on the environment (by reducing waste, lowering carbon emissions and reducing the use of earth’s scarce resources), it is also known for its longevity without the need for frequent and invasive deep-cleaning.

    So how do you keep your ELeather in great shape and provide your customers with the reassurance of a clean and sanitised surface?

    Daily, light cleaning

    Use a basic soft brush or a vacuum to remove loose debris and wipe with a lightly moist cloth.

    Monthly, deep cleaning

    We don’t recommend carrying out a deep cleaning more often than once a month.

    Apply detergent spray or foam* to the recommended cleaning pad (3M Ultrafine abrasive pads or equivalent) and wipe or rub the surface of the upholstery to remove any soiling. Repeat if necessary.

    Next, remove the excess moisture and wipe dry with a soft cloth (we recommend using 80/20 blend polyester to polyamide or equivalent).

    If required, apply leather conditioner** with a soft non-absorbent cloth.


    With the increasing concern regarding the spread of Coronavirus, we have tested a wide variety of cleaners and sanitisers used across transport and public spaces markets against our materials. We tested both branded and non-branded cleaning products to give our customers peace of mind in knowing that ELeather upholstery can withstand more rigorous cleaning when required.

    Contact us for a full report and list of cleaning products compatible with our upholstery.

    UVC cleaning

    A selection of ELeather has also been UVC certified by Dimer UVC Innovations. ELeather provided a selection of our materials, including Essence and a variety of colours to Dimer / Honeywell for UVC testing. The result was no impact on the integrity of the material or its projected performance in-service.

    Contact us for a more detailed UVC statement.

    PURE Guard, ELeather’s proprietary antimicrobial solution

    PURE Guard technology by ELeather is a proprietary antimicrobial solution that can be integrated into any ELeather product, delivering built-in hygiene protection to offer customers and passengers peace of mind.

    PURE Guard has been developed to effectively reduce the growth of microbes on the surface of ELeather materials and has been verified through rigorous testing to internationally recognised standards.  This technology is incorporated into the product to ensure that it does not wear off or leach out, and that the anti-microbial performance is retained throughout the lifetime of the material.

    PURE Guard solution comes as standard within our new generation material – Essence.

    . *ACS leather cleaner #LC-364 foam or equivalent (equivalent cleaners should only be used after prior consultation and approval from ELeather)

    .** ACS leather conditioner or equivalent (equivalent cleaners should only be used after prior consultation and approval from ELeather)