We are the people behind THE sustainable leather alternative. We create what people want and what the planet deserves.

There’s no doubt that nature’s resources are limited. Over-consumption is taking its toll on our planet. And there is an urgent need to recycle more and waste less.


So that’s exactly what we do!

Leather recycled

of leather recycled since 2011

A significant amount of leather is unused and often destined for landfill. ELeather reduces that problem by recycling tonnes of leather hides rather than wasting them.

Our commitment to sustainability

To minimise our environmental footprint and ensure we’re making efficient use of the world’s scarce natural resources, we focus on three key areas.

Increasing recycled content

Lowering carbon emissions

Reducing use of earth's scarce resources

Our lighter footprint delivers…

Up to 55% recycled content

So far we've recycled enough leather to make 35 million pairs of shoes

Over 60% lower CO2 emissions

We've saved enough CO2 to offset powering 30,000 homes for a whole year

Over 55% reduction in use of natural resources

The water saving alone is enough to fill 18,000 Olympic swimming pools

Responsible sourcing

We make sure all raw materials we source meet stringent quality requirements. At present at least 70% of our leather supply comes from sources that are either LWG (Leather Working Group) audited or working towards an award. All our suppliers are required to ensure material does not originate from the Amazonian Biome or other areas of high environmental concern.

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