In all aspects of the passenger journey comfort, design and safety have improved tremendously and for many operators have become the decisive factor in the choice of materials. An attractive, distinctively designed interior ambience is an important consideration, particularly in aviation. Passengers should be able to look back on their journey with positive memories and look forward to travelling with the operator again.

Combining a stylish aesthetic with long-term performance, ELeather CL820 cladding product offers the perfect solution for monuments, bulkheads and interior surfaces.

Where design flexibility meets performance

CL 820 product is far more than colourful “touch and feel” for passenger aircraft cabins.

CL280 is the 2nd generation cladding material from ELeather for technically demanding applications which have to meet high safety, manufacture and design specifications.

Better upholster ability
60 seconds vertical flame test -FAR 25.853(a),APP.F Pt.I(a)(1)(i)
Heat release – FAR 25.853(d), APP.F Pt IV
Toxic emissions – ABD0031
Smoke density – FAR 25.853(d), APP.F Pt V

While satisfying individual Airline design specifications any material must always offer maximum performance in every field.

By liaising closely with our customers and designers we are able to understand and customise our product designs according to individual wishes, and even produce special customer specific designs.

ELeather is a unique material, created to perform to specific requirements. Designed and manufactured without compromise. It produces great looking and easy to maintain aircraft interiors.

Using the patented ELeather process, leather fibre and a high-performance core is combined to produce an engineered composition leather. ELeather CL820 possess exceptional properties in terms of appearance, weight, durability and eco credentials.

ELeather CL820 is a clean technology product produced using sustainable natural leather fibres, closed loop recycled water and 100% zero-carbon electricity in its production process.

Where design flexibility meets performance
Where design flexibility meets performance